Privacy Engineer online course

Privacy Engineer online course

Udacity just lunched a new nanodegree program called Privacy Engineer online course. Enrollments are open for another 5 days, the requirements to enroll on this online course are:

  • Student must have intermediate knowledge of Python
  • Also intermediate knowledge of SQL are required by Udacity in order to participate
  • They say basic knowledge of Typescript is optional but a plus.
  • On this course you will Master the skills necessary to become a successful privacy engineer. Learn to create technical solutions. Implement privacy principles by integrating Privacy-by-Design into product development, data infrastructure, and software release lifecycles.

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This course has an estimate duration to be completed in 2 months if you learn 5 hours per week.

Course type and price

The course is a nanodegree program.

The Privacy Engineer online course it has a starting cost of $399 per months with a basic plan.

At the best value price they offer a discount and can be accessed at $678 for 2 months access instead of $798.

So hurry up!

What you will learn?

Privacy Engineering for User-Facing Software Applications

In this project you will learn how to designing a Privacy-Protective Voting-Booth Application.

That is designed to help voters record their votes at a voting booth. The objective is to ensure the accurate count of election votes, while preventing double voting, protecting ballot secrecy, and generally protecting the data associated with individual voters. When is completed, this project is a high-level technical manifestation of a foundational, democratic need in many societies today.

Organizational Privacy Engineering

Udacity Health Care Privacy Assessment

This project is designed for you to perform a privacy assessment of a web application called Udacity Health and will utilize the concept of K-anonymity to anonymize a data set.

How much money make an privacy engineers

Glassdoor say that privacy engineers in the United States make an average salary of $147,000 a year.

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