How to become an AI Engineer using Microsoft Azure

How to become an AI Engineer using Microsoft Azure

At this course on Udacity you learn how to become an AI Engineer by making use of Microsoft Azure.

You’ll learn the skills necessary to apply machine learning models, how design and build an end-to-end AI solution with Azure Cognitive Services, and deploy, monitor, and manage continuous improvement of an Azure AI solution. By the end of the program, you’ll be an ideal candidate for Microsoft certification A1-102.

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Prerequisites and Requirements

Python programming skills:

  • Understand the basics of object-oriented programming.
  • Read basic Python syntax, including using white space in Python.
  • Distinguish between object types like integers and strings in scripts.
  • Use Python to build basic algorithms for simple programs and scripts that automate common tasks (i.e. renaming files).
  • Write and run basic programming scripts in a terminal that include function definitions and loops.

Other required skills:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Microsoft Azure and the ability to navigate the Azure portal
  • Familiarity with a variety of Azure data sources such as Azure Data Lake and Azure SQL
  • Demonstrate knowledge of JSON and REST programming semantics and the ability to use APIs in application development.

Course Duration

  • ESTIMATED TIME is 3 Months At a duration of 5-10 hours/week


The level of this online course is set to advanced.

Course Price

This is a Nano degree program and it has a starting price of $399/month or 3 month access at $1017

Enroll by

  • ENROLL BY February 23, 2022 you get access to the classroom immediately upon enrollment


Automated Passenger Boarding Kiosk

You will build an automated passenger boarding kiosk to collect passenger and flight information through the passenger’s face image, digital ID, boarding pass, etc. Perform various validation processes and confirm if a given passenger can board the plane or not. Use various Azure Cognitive Services and supporting services for this project, including Azure Computer Vision, Face, Form Recognizer, Video Analyzer, Azure Blob storage in a Python run-time environment.

Dental Office Virtual Assistant

Next project is to create a customer support chatbot for a dentist website using the Azure platform, a Node.js bot application, and a LUIS Model and QnA Knowledge Base. The bot will use the Azure QnA Knowledge Base and LUIS to answer patient questions and help them schedule appointments. Deploy the bot application and resources to Azure and implement the assistant in a website.

Build an AI Enriched Corporate Training Catalog

The last project is to code a knowledge-mining solution to help employees of a company gain insights into training materials made available by their company by combining 4 datasets. Enrich these data using built-in skills, connect a user-facing search interface to the solution, and demonstrate various query capabilities of the solution.

How much money an AI Engineer make 

If you want to become an AI Engineer you may ask yourself how much money you can make and according to ZipRecruiter, AI Engineers make an average annual salary of over $164,000 a year.

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