Bored Ape NFT on Fiverr

Bored Ape NFT on Fiverr

You may ask: What NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are ?

The bored ape NFT are digital assets that represents real life objects and is not limited only on objects, it can be sounds, animals or even songs.

Some popular NFTs on the marked are the Bored ape NFT, according to google trends is on the verge and is increasing it`s volume on search terms.

Those NFTs are bought and sell online frequently with cryptocurrency and are created with the same technology, this tokens are around since 2014 but some people say it is a bubble and will blow similar as dotcom craze and 90% of those NFTs will lose their value on the market, others saying that NFTs are here to stay!

You can sell a Bored ape NFT on average of $25,000 and an estimate of 10.000 unique images of bored apes exist on the market.

All of you can see the collections of NFTs images online but the person who owns it has the proof of ownership and is provided to you by the built-in authentication that serve as a proof of ownership. The people who collect such items value this proof of ownership more than the item itself.

You may ask: How an NFT is different from a crypto coin?

As it name sounds to you NFT stay for Non-Fungible Token this mean it is created by using the same technology as Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum but this are all the similarities between them.

As you Know money, Physical like Euro or USD and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that you can trade and exchanged for money, this are “Fungible” and it has a parity $/bitcoin unlike the NFTs that are “Non-fungible” tokens.

NFTs are different than money because you can not exchange one with another since them has his unique signatures and are not equal with one another.

Another question you may ask yourself is: Then how this NFTs work?

The nfts exist on a blockchain like bored ape does, this blockchain which is a public ledger that records it`s transactions this makes also cryptocurrency possible to exist.

Those NFTs are held on the Ethereum blockchain but others blockchain supports them as well.

An NFT is created, or “minted” from digital objects that represent both tangible and intangible items, including:

• Art

• Virtual avatars and video game skins

• Collectibles

• GIFs

• Videos and sports highlights

• Music

• Designer sneakers

Where you can find NFTs creators?

You can find NFTs creators on Fiverr

Some of the best NFTs creators on fiverr can be found below:

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Or you can use Virtual assistants like Iulia to help you send offers and decide who is the best nfts creator on fiverr for you.

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